May 15

That Guy: The Guy From The Crow

Of all the bad guys in film, he is one of the coolest. His gruff voice is a thing of legend. He loves the villain role and he thinks of it as much more interesting a venture. Nearly every time he steps onto the screen, he doesn’t live to see the end of the film; but that’s ok. By the time that happens, his vile nasty characters make you want to shoot him yourself.

He was one of films greatest and coolest antagonists in the 1994 blockbuster The Crow.

This fella has worked with a LOT of the most talented and gifted stars, and most of them wouldn’t look as good if it weren’t for him (you bastards had best have said thank you).

Talented in film as well as music, you have definitely despised this guy once or twice but you’re more likely to have known his character’s names more than his real one. Let us help you out:

The man is Michael Wincott, and for the record, he’s much cooler than you.

Canadian born actor (we forgive him), Michael Wincott has been acting for a long while now with his first film in 1979 called Wild Horse Hank. We never saw it, but we’re guessing he either killed something or dies.

A little over a decade later he appeared as the Sheriff of Nottingham’s slightly less but still prickish cousin Guy of Gisborne, in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. When he (to the elation of the audience) dies – by his cousin’s own hand – he still left an impression on you. It probably sounded like this “Who was that fucking jackoff?”

A few years later he went on to play one of the coolest bad guys who ever lived. You probably don’t even know the friggin character’s name, but he played Top Dollar in The Crow opposite Brandon Lee. “Caw, Caw. Bang! Fuck I’m dead!” Classic.

He’s been in Metro, Alien: Resurrection, Along Came a Spider, and The Count of Monte Cristo… he was a dick in all of them.

Michael Wincott has more than just acting under his belt. He can play the drums, harmonica, guitar, and piano as well as sword fight and fucking kill your ass, because he is an accomplished fencer too.


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