May 18

Stuff We Like: Bad Ass Ninja Turtle Artwork (13 Images)

Just so you know, the fellas at 2DayHangover.com aren’t just ALL about chicks and beer. Granted, we’re probably 98% about that, but still. Once in a while we stumble upon shit that doesn’t fall into the categories of sex, violence, and liquor, but it’s still almost as awesome. Almost.

That being said, we bring you a gallery of some of the most unique and creative renditions of those wise-crackin’ mutant bad-asses, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The artist is named Dave Rapoza, and his take on the Turtles and their supporting cast is nothing short of fucking SICK.

This is Dave Rapoza’s Michelangelo, HOLY FUCK!

After the jump, check out a gallery of all his versions of your favorite TMNT characters, from Splinter to Shredder, every single one is worth seeing. Artistic sickness kids.

Pretty fucking cool, eh? Dave Rapoza also does original artwork, as well as his own takes on some of your other favorite characters, including the Thundercats

Check all his stuff out at http://daverapoza.blogspot.com/

Here’s a chick with beer.

Author: Maxx McClane
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