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Released From Prison: Max Hardcore

One of the most hated men in the porno industry, Max Hardcore (real name: Paul F. Little), was released from prison on July 19, 2011. What did he do? Well, he humiliated women, he peed on them, vomited on them, introduced objects inside of them that were too large to fit comfortably, choked them with parts of his anatomy… the list goes on. It gets more brutal: aside from the physical end of it all, he had many of the girls pose as minors (they were all in fact 18 or older) going as far as to have some girls claim to be 12 years old. There are a lot of porn actresses that refused to work with him and even fewer that ever went back. Though the claims can’t be found, he was rumored to have put several young actresses in the hospital. Little was sentenced to 46 months in a minimum security corrections facility for multiple obscenity charges.

Now that he is released, he will no doubt eventually buy a computer and I’m sure he will come across some porno. What’s liable to piss him off will be that much of what he went to prison for is becoming, dare I say, standardized (at least more accepted) in the industry. The one big difference is that he was a man playing a misogynistic role. Had he have been a woman (such as Hardcore Holly) doing the things he did in the films, or if the nature of his films been bondage or BDSM, he may not have had to miss out on the last four years. I haven’t seen every Max Hardcore film, but I have noticed one thing. The girls are in obvious pain, they’re obviously humiliation, they even say “This hurts” and “Oww”, but you never hear them say “stop.” Does that put him in the right? Of course not. Does that make him wrong? That part is actually, very debatable.

Well, they tried anyway.

When he started gaining popularity in the early 90’s, he was one out of thousands who were taking hand held video cameras into hotel rooms and hiring girls to have sex with them on film. Most of the would-be directors didn’t receive very much attention, but Max Hardcore was not those guys. He rose to popularity by doing what many in the porn industry were afraid of doing, by assuming a dominant persona who is indifferent to the wants, needs or feelings of the actress. His films basically look like rape. The girls start out like they would in any other scene, but by the end of it they’re hair is messed up, tears and spit have made their makeup run, whatever clothes they have on are ripped and stretched, and their faces now show signs of extreme pain and regret. The ladies that have worked with him have gone as far to call him a “psychopath”.

He does kinda look like he crawled out of a basement.

Like him or hate him, a lot of what he was put in prison for is exactly what people are gravitating toward and will most likely become more popular and less risqué and eventually… even accepted.




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