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Dead Starlets

No mention of your favorite porn star for some time now? Maybe she retired, works in another part of the business or developed her own production company; or maybe she’s dead. Yes, dead. With the number of actress skyrocketing, the number porn star deaths will eventually rise as well, and not all of them will be from natural causes.  Most that die before their time have died from things like drug overdoses and AIDS, but there are some cases that are worth taking a second look at.

Haley Paige

Real name: Maryam Irene Haley

December 30, 1981 – August 21, 2007

Paige entered the adult industry in 2000 at age 18. She has appeared in over 300 adult titles between 2002 and 2007. Paige married boyfriend and pornographic film director “Chico ‘Wanker’ Wang” (Inkyo Volt Hwang) on August 2, 2007 and that’s when shit got real. Hwang was apparently a violent nutcase, having allegedly pistol whipping Paige just over a month prior to the wedding and was subsequently released with no files charged. Paige and Hwang disappeared for seven and a half weeks until Hwang brought her into a California emergency room with no pulse or signs of breathing. She died on August 21st and Hwang was arrested on August 22nd for suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle and suspicion of murder. He again dodged the bullet, being released on August 24th again with no files charged. Though kept quiet most likely due to the ongoing investigation, rumors spread among the adult industry about her death, detailing it as a possible heroin overdose. The coroner had reported that she did not have any track marks but may have smoked it. Days later, his report came back clean except for a small amount of methadone (which can still kill your ass dependent upon many factors). Her death was eventually ruled as undetermined. What happened to Hwang you ask? His dead ass was found on September 29th on a motel room in west central California having overdosed on methadone. His death was reported as not being suspicious, being ruled as an apparent suicide.


Real name: Shannon Michelle Wilsey

October 9, 1970 – July 11, 1994

Savannah started her porn career in 1990 and appeared in over 100 videos through her 5 year career. She was a bit of a wild child, having a live fast kind of attitude. She was a prominent figure in the adult industry and lived freely as such. She spent large sums of money, began doing drugs and was reportedly having financial troubles even with her rather large income. She became unstable and had her contract revoked with Vivid Entertainment. She was definitely one of the first mainstream porn stars, having dated Gregg Allman, Slash, having a lesbian relationship with Jenna Fine, and…. Uh…. Pauly Shore.  After a night of partying and being well intoxicated, Savannah attempted to drive herself and a friend home. She would have made it too, if it weren’t for that meddling fence. She broke her nose and took several cuts to her face. She got home after that without incident, but her night of bleeding on shit wasn’t over. Another friend of hers found her (still breathing) on the floor with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head from a 9mm that she kept in the house. She died on July 11th after nine hours in a coma.

Nozomi Momoi

Real name: same

September 23, 1978 – October 12, 2002

Momoi was Japan’s newest rising starlet. Averaging ten releases a month, she was in over 100 titles; being known mostly for her “baby face” and “big boobs” (technical terms). She was very fond of her work, where as many Asian girls are happy to have no work at all; she was always asking when the next job was. Towards the later years of her life, she went on to say that she continues to enjoy sex both in the industry and in her personal life and that she didn’t mind having it every day (The good ones always die young). On October 12th, 2002, a charred car was found near the Narai River. It took hours of testing to even determine that the body inside the vehicle was a man. Momoi was found 10 meters from the car, face down, with 6 stab wounds and was subsequently doused with gasoline and burned as well. The incident was at first considered to be a bizarre murder-suicide pact with the fella in the car being the only suspect. In October 2006, further evidence was brought forth that cleared the name of Momoi’s male companion and implicated that there was a third party that committed the double homicide. No further developments have been made.

Taylor Sumers

Real name: Natel Frances King

August 31, 1980 – February 29, 2004

Not very much is clear about her early life or career, but it appears that Sumers was a Canadian bondage model operating in and around Philly. The day of her murder (February 29), she met with photographer Anthony J. Frederick and his assistant Jennifer Mitkus to take some 20 photos. Sumers called her roommate and voiced her concerns about Frederick, saying that he was “kind of weird and that she was worried.” Her friend asked if she was worried about getting ripped off or becoming a victim. Sumers answer was “I don’t know. Both.” She was missing for three weeks before her body was found in a wooded area by the Schuykill River in Whitemarsh, PA. She was found with multiple stab wounds to her chest neck and hands. She was ball gagged and wrapped in two drop cloths commonly used by photographers (I bet you can see where this is going). Authorities quickly arrested Frederick and searched his home where they found duck tape, shackles and blood stained equipment  as well as a creepy ass poem: “Cut with a knife/Blood does flow/You may bleed out/Death comes on slow.” Classy guy. The photos recovered by the police show Sumers wearing the same ball gag that she was found with. Brilliant guy. Her car was still at Frederick’s house when the police found it (which is where the photo shoot was held). All that was in the car were a suitcase and a laptop. They didn’t recover her purse, driver’s license or cell phone.

Frederick and Mitukis were both found guilty of murder and accessory to murder respectively. Frederick was sentenced to 24-51 years in prison and Mitukis was sentences to 23 months in jail on top of six months already served with a five year probationary period to follow. She will also have to undergo mental health treatment for what is described as “severe” multiple personality disorder.

Zoey Zane

Real name: Emily Irene Sander

February 26, 1989 – November 24, 2007

Zane was for the most part, your average girl next door. She worked as a secretary, attended her local community college and moonlighted as an internet porn model. Wait, what? That’s exactly what her family said after it was released to the press. She tried to keep it secret from all but a few close friends. When her boyfriend found out about it before her murder he immediately broke up with her. The last time Zane was seen alive, she and a man later identified as Israel Mireles were leaving a bar in east El Dorado on November 23, 2007. Blood was found in the motel room Mireles was staying at, which is next to the Italian restaurant that he worked at. Brilliant! Zane had been missing for six days before police found what would later be identified as Zane’s body. The details to the condition of the corpse or to that of the autopsy have since been sealed. Police eventually caught up with Mireles on December 19th in Mexico where he was with his 16 year old pregnant girlfriend who is also a native of Kansas. Miriles was originally in America illegally so to extradite him, they had to promise to not give him the death penalty, which is common practice in most countries. He was convicted on February 12, 2010 of rape and capital murder and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole on March 31, 2010.

Lolo Ferrari

Real name: Eve Valois

February 9, 1963(1963-02-09) – March 5, 2000

French born singer, dancer and actress Lolo Ferrari’s claim to fame was her personality. Both of them. She was the owner/operator of a massive (at the time world record holding) 56G bust. Each of her jumbo orbs weighed in at 6.2 lbs and contained three liters of saline. She made headlines with her ample talents, marriage to Eric Vigne (a convicted drug trafficker) as well as an ongoing feud with the Italian automaker for the use of the name Ferrari. She was later picked up by a British television show “Eurotrash.” Ferreri was found dead at her home on the morning of March 5, 2000. The original though of her having suffered a drug overdose was replaced after her autopsy to having died from “mechanically induced suffocation.” What does that mean? Seriously, what does that mean? I’ve looked all over the internet for what exactly is involved in mechanically induced suffocation and have come up with nothing. Basically it says that she was murdered. Her widower spent one year in pre-trial detention as the court felt that there was enough evidence to commence with a trial. He was later released when the court overturned their decision in March, 2003 citing not enough evidence was present to justify a trial.

Honorable Mention

Angela Devi (Angela Shunali Dhingra)

  • July 30, 1975 – March 31, 2006
  • New York Born Indian adult model
  • Suicide by asphyxiation


Karen Lancaume (Karen Bach)

  • January 19, 1973 – January 28, 2005
  • French adult film star
  • Suicide by an overdose of temazepam


Shauna Grant (Colleen Marie Applegate)

  • May 30, 1963 – March 23, 1984
  • American nude model and pornographic actress
  • Suicide in Palm Springs by shooting herself with a .22 Long Rifle


Megan Leigh (Michelle Maira Schei)

  • March 2, 1964 – June 16, 1990
  • American striptease and adult film star
  • Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head


Naughtia Childs (Megan Serbian)

  • October 5, 1979 – January 7, 2002
  • American born Serbian porn actress
  • Cause of death is in dispute. Possible murder or suicide by jumping off of a four story balcony


Felicia Tang (Felicia Lee)

  • October 22, 1977— September 11, 2009
  • Born in Singapore, adult model and soft-core porn actress operating in America
  • Found murdered, having been beaten and suffocated


Vanessa Freeman (Trudy Webb)

  • September 3, 1976 – January 9, 2007
  • British porn actress turned “high class” escort
  • Found in her bed, thought to have been strangled to death – later ruled as a drug overdose. (What!?)





















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